Sadly and tragically, Dud left us on 28th January 2016 whilst undergoing emergency heart surgery.  However, I (that is Sarah, his wife) have decided to keep the blog (and his memory) alive.  I will leave his ‘contents intro’ exactly as he wrote it, but I will update it as I add in new blogs myself.

New posts from Mrs Dud

July 2016

Travels in Crete 8 – Boat Trips, Churches, Houses & Cemeteries

Let’s Talk About ……

February 2016

Dr Dud and ‘I am Spartacus’

Dr Dud by Mrs Dud



Original Contents from Dr Dud

Many thanks for following my blog. If are receiving the blog through the email it may be coming out with a rather bland white background and, in some cases, you have to click in a box for the pictures. To avoid this, when you get notification of the blog through the email, your best bet is to simply click on either as a separate link on an email or in Google – then you get the pretty blue background and should have no problem with the pictures.

For those of you just picking up the odd post, here is my contents list. If you want to see any post  in particular, just click on the the title below, or if you are looking for something specific, click on a likely Categories link on the right.


January 2016

Kit Carson in the Wild West

Travels in Crete 7: the Greek Epiphany

The Romans and the Space Shuttle

December 2015

Merry Christmas (and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)



Battle of Waterloo

November 2015

If you go down to the woods today …. (teddy bears)

The Curse of Cowdray House

Dan Snow on the Mary Rose

The Linnean Society

October 2015

Battle of Agincourt

Alfred Wallace on evolution: credit where due

That Hamilton Woman: Hollywood fact or fiction?

Matinee idols: a role for men – but is it worth it?

Non-national Knighthoods

September 2015

A walk from Blackfriars Bridge to London Bridge

The Iliad in print

Buying a Book of Hours 2

Buying a Book of Hours

August 2015

The Venerable Bede on immigration

Latest publications

The Magna Carta revisited

Travels in Crete 6: keep out the water

Travels in Crete 5: Toplou revisited

Travels in Crete 4: the anniversary

July 2015

The British Skiing and the Ski Club of Great Britain

Diving the Red Sea

Travels in Crete 3: religious sanctuaries


June 2015


George Jeffreys: The Hanging Judge

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean

My Cousin Ralph (Judge Ralph Garlick)

May 2015

200 years of Oxford rowing

The Other ‘Great Escape’ (Alcoentre prison)

Outlander – and the Jacobite Rebellion

Alcibiades the Lad

Greek Drama-rama

April 2015

300 [Spartans}: Hollywood fact or fiction?

17th century British Travellers to Crete

Travels in Crete 2: Bramber Tours

Charles I: above the Law?

March 2015

Stonehenge and the druids

Mary Rose

Herstmonceux Castle

Thomas Edward Booth of the Booth Museum

February 2015

Juries – a good thing or a bad thing

The Parthenon – then and now

Wolf Hall, Anne Boleyn and all that

Thomas Spratt – antiquarian traveller to Crete

January 2015

Robert Pashley – antiquarian traveller to Crete

Richard Pococke – antiquarian traveller to Crete

Odd Bods: Eadweard Muybridge

Odd Bods: William Price- the druid who created cremation

Magna Carta … and all that

December 2014

Middle Temple and Temple Church

Brasenose – an Oxford College

Ye Olde Bramber Castle Inn

Thomas Spratt and the Fellows marbles

November 2014

Lord Elgin loses his marbles

The Grand Tour

Homer and the Bagpus theory

Gladiator: Hollywood fact or fiction?

Devolopment of Societies with archaeological interests

October 2014

Glastonbury: fact and fiction?

U-boats: U-671 and U-413 and sinking of HMS Warwick

Tutankhamun: road traffic accident?

Spartacus: Hollywood fact or fiction?

September 2014

Decipherment of Linear B

E for Excellent class submarines in the Dardanelles

K for Klot class submarines

Ill met by moonlight: Hollywood fact or fiction?

August 2014

John Pendlebury

Wild Bill [Hickok]: Hollywood fact or fiction?

Alamo: Hollywood fact or fiction?

Lawrence of Arabia: Hollywood fact or fiction?

The Great Escape: Hollywood fact or fiction?

July 2014

House of Virgin Mary, Ephesus

Troy: Hollywood fact or fiction?

Mycenae forgotten tombs

Mycenae citadel

June 2014

Crete: the island that tipped

The Labyrinth of Minos in Crete

Myth and the Minoans

Bronze Age Crete: the Minoans

May 2014

Travels in Crete: Mochlos

St Mary’s, Bramber

Ghosts of Bramber Castle

St Nicholas’ Church at Bramber Castle

Artemus Smith

April 2014

Bramber Castle – architecture and archaeology

Bramber Castle – history

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