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dud mochlos

Sadly and tragically, Dud left us on 28th January 2016 whilst undergoing emergency heart surgery.  However, I (that is Sarah, his wife) have decided to keep the blog (and his memory) alive.  I will leave his ‘about’ exactly as he wrote it, but I may add to it in time.




Dr Dud….

I’m a barrister by qualification, a law tutor by trade, but ‘at night’ I become an archaeologist. Well, when I say archaeologist, I mean I’m interested in the good old days of the Bronze Age (3000-1100 BC) of the Aegean – that is the Mycenaeans (Greece), the Minoans (Crete) and the Trojans (that will be Troy in what is now Turkey). I studied this lot at Oxford and my doctorate, which I worked on at Sussex University, is on early travellers to Crete and their findings on the island’s archaeology. Contemporary writing on these three civilizations is very limited being prehistory so archaeology is a necessary means to an end to learn about them (that’s my excuse anyway). So the blog is to sell my books on these topics – no, I didn’t say that (but see ‘My Publications’ on this blog). The blog is to share my thoughts on these topics and anything else that springs to mind, including history generally (well, classical and medieval) and law (and my kindle e-book on the English Legal System –  see ‘My Publications’ on this blog – oops, sorry, there I go again).

3 thoughts on “About Dr Dud

  1. Hi
    can’t believe I’ve been surfing the web for hours each week for ages & haven’t come across yr. site before and I’ve no idea how I stumbled upon it – I was looking for things abt. E17 submarine destroyed by the Turks off Gallipoli. Goodness knows what the link to yr. site was. Lots of great facts presented with humour! I’ve pressed Follow so now I am a stalker


    Eric Walter

  2. I’m interested IN the good old days of the Bronze Age insert: ‘in’
    Hi Dud, I’ve been thinking of setting up a blog myself perhaps one day? I’d have to work carefully not to make it a rant.
    All the best.

    • Hi Purssey, thanks for the correction – I never said I was literate. Aegean Bronze Age will be here soon ……
      And nothing wrong with a rant or two.

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